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Specific Key Activity Areas Where Care Managers Help

Our Mission is to provide a vital link, ensuring that everyone has the tools to become an educated healthcare consumer. This in turn not only protects the patient, but guides the system into being the best it can be. Healthcare is a concern for every single one of us. Having a Healthcare advocate by your side will help hold the system, and all in it, to a higher standard of care, hopefully guaranteeing transparency, understanding, and educated choices, benefiting both the system and the patient.
It is a win win for all.

General Services offered:

  • Review in detail your Medical and Medication Records
  • Provide research for a Surgeon or Facility that best fits your Medical Needs
  • Provide Peace of Mind to You and Your Family
  • Exploring all of your different treatment options
  • Preparing you for upcoming doctors appointments 
  • Medication Management
  • Assist in making informed medical decisions
  • Working as a liaison between my clients and their medical team. This team could be in the ER, in the hospital, for an upcoming procedure, or someone who has multiple doctors. We assist in the Coordination of Care with their Medical Team
  • Translation of complicated diagnoses, procedures and treatment plans, leading to better-informed health care decisions
  • Accompanying client's to their doctor's appointments or preparing them for any upcoming appointments
  • Understand your individualized needs and goals for your care 
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